"The New Jersey Dare to Dream conferences focus on self-advocacy and empowerment and that is why Sarah Vazquez has been a perfect fit to be a keynote and facilitator. Sarah’s stories are beautiful examples of self-determination in action. I am truly in awe of this young woman’s giftedness that leaves a long lasting impression with all the hear her."

—Bob Haugh, Project Coordinator, NJ Dept of Education

"Sarah thoughtfully and humorously engages her audience in the challenges of overcoming life’s barriers to success, the need to develop more inclusive schools and communities, and the power of each individual to make a difference in other people’s lives. A wonderful keynoter!"

—David P. Riley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative

"Sarah connects extremely well her audiences. The message and delivery of her presentations transcend expectations. In a world with many stories, her experiences stand-out as most memorable, inspiring and motivating. We learn something new each time she speaks, and look forward to having her involved in as many presentations as possible."

—Lorraine D'Sylva-Lee, Director of Program Development & Training, Family Support Center of NJ

Each year NJCIE tries to find inspiring speakers to kick off New Jersey’s Summer Inclusion Conference. Among the many keynote speakers who have addressed this large group of educators and parents, Sarah was among the best. Sarah is able to make people laugh and cry and through her words and poignant personal stories changes minds and hearts.

—Paula Lieb, Esq., President & CEO, New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education

"I was fortunate to hear Sarah speak to three very different audiences and each time she was equally as captivating. She has the ability to carry her audience right along with her as she unfolds the experiences of her life that have shaped the person she is today. The messages of Self-Determination, Self-Definition, Self-Advocacy, Courage, and Leadership are woven throughout the stories Sarah tells in a way that is truly empowering and enlightening. She teaches us no matter the obstacles we may face if we learn to be true to our dreams then nothing or nobody can stand in our way."

—Deb Golding, RIPIN Parent Consultant Transition Coordinator