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Sarah Helena Vazquez is a national Motivational Speaker, Advocate, and Author. She is a true believer that everyone can pave their life's path by way of having dreams. Having dreams is the basis of Sarah’s achievements.

As a child, Sarah asked God why was she born with Cerebral Palsy. Although the reason was not apparent to her then, she did know that she was someone with dreams just like any other person. Sarah explains that it took many years for the answer as to why she has Cerebral Palsy to come to her.

With the support of her mother who instilled in her that she should be defined by her abilities instead of her disability, today she is nothing less than 100% sure that she was born with Cerebral Palsy to change the face of what having a disability “looks” like. She wants the world to recognize and respect that people with disabilities experience life like other people. “Having a disability is a characteristic; it does not make up our character.” She wants the world to know that people with disabilities play a role in their education, communities, & the economy. “All people can be contributors to society as long as they are given a respectable place in it.” (Sarah Helena Vazquez)

Sarah's mission is to empower people with disabilities to advocate for themselves and follow their dreams. Sarah follows her own dreams everyday by choosing the life she wants for herself.